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Our Educational Programs

Multiple SGF educational programs are offered to help Neurodiverse Young Adults become their best selves – and THRIVE.

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A World of Opportunities Revealed

NDYA Training & Education
Secondary Education

Team Member (NYA) Training and Education

Educational opportunities exists within the working organic farm from animal husbandry to hospitality. A workforce development plan and training will be offered for our Team Members, and high school, community college, and university students.


The property site itself is a way of educating visitors about the local ecosystem and how to grow organic food within it. Young adults on the autism spectrum and those with Down Syndrome and ADHD will participate in purposeful work, share in supportive relationships, and make meaningful contributions to everyone who works and visits So Good Farms.


And of course, our NYA thrive with our new modalities in therapeutic development services and educational programs which offer lifelong autonomy.

Research Programs & Secondary Education Opportunities

Students pursuing a graduate degree in behavioral science, special education, and communication science can participate as a part of their clinical practice degree requirement at our farm.

Equine Therapeutic Services

Designed as a therapeutic riding center, each Team Member will enjoy therapy on horseback. Equine-assisted psychotherapy is one of the most effective and innovative modalities for addressing a wide range of therapeutic needs. While caring for the animals and helping to run the daily operations of the farm, Team Members develop a sense of meaning and commitment to their work, the animals, and each other.


Botanical Research and Education Complex (BREC)

The So Goods Farms' for-profit Botanical Research and Education Complex (BREC), located on 460 acres near our main property, is also an organic farm providing employment and workforce training to our Team Members and students from various schools, colleges, and universities.

The property will provide 300 acres dedicated to growing megaflora trees for harvest every 5 years. We have secured a 35-year contract for this crop. Another one hundred acres will be dedicated to growing and processing bio-fiber flowers and composite materials for shipment to a FDA approved processing facility.

An additional thirty acres will be dedicated to the building of a 30-acre organic pond for the growing of duckweed. Our duckweed is being processed into high-grade, FDA approved, organic protein powder for sale to various companies and manufacturers. The remaining acreage is for warehouses and processing facilities.

In addition, our research areas, in partnership with various universities, include:

  • Growing organic agriculture while helping farmers fight pests, disease and weeds

  • Carbon Negative Farming practices

  • Mitigating and adapting to climate change with resilient farming systems

  • Helping solve food insecurity by growing nutrient dense foods

  • All the while providing additional employment opportunities to our team members, staff, and the local communities



It is important to note that all of the products being researched, grown and produced at SGF BREC already have off-take agreements in place.

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