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Our Village

SGF is an agrivillage and gathering place where Neurodiverse Young Adults dwell safely and securely – and THRIVE.

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A Place to Call Home

Team Members' (NYA) Village

Team Members' (NYA) Village


A Great Place to Live

Our land development plans include 75 cottage-style homes for 225 NYA – our Team Member residents (Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome, ADHD). The homes all meet the State of Alabama Assisted Living Residence (ALR) requirements.

The cottages, with two or three bedrooms – each with their own bathroom – have central living areas, full kitchens, and laundry rooms. We will provide case management services; 24-hour, secure electronic monitoring; and individualized service plans. Our support staff housing is located near our Team Members' housing.

Tuition includes all housing, food, and programming. Team Member tuition will be needs based and determined by the financial ability of each resident. Full tuition is currently estimated at $4,500 per month per resident. We expect that some costs will be supplemented by state and federal monies (Medicaid waivers) so that most families will have the opportunity to benefit from So Good Farms offerings and programs. There will be a limited number of scholarships available to those who qualify for tuition assistance.

Where We're Located

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Where We're Located

A Supportive Environment

Everyone at SGF Agrivillage has the opportunity to shop for goods and services as well as attend events. This creates a supportive, socially interactive, experience-rich environment for our Team Members.

Our Preliminary Site Plan and Concept

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Cottage Homes at SGF

A Public Square

In the center of the commercial village will be a large area for events, such as concerts, festivals, benefits, and fundraisers. The shops, porches, and walkways will be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. And, when there are no events taking place, there will be seating areas for those who would like to sit and visit with their neighbor. 

Cottage Homes at SGF

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We will also offer 330 town homes and single family homes within the working farm ecosystem as a way of providing workforce housing, both for the farm and the local city in a different area of our village, beautiful Azaela Cove on Lake Martin.


Some of this housing will be purchased or rented by members of the public who wish to have Lake Martin access while living in a pedestrian-friendly, agrivillage community

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