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Local Food Festival

Our Community Engagement

Our Agrivillage welcomes everyone and offers immersive social interactions so Neurodiverse Young Adults can THRIVE.


A Vibrant Life

Pizza from Food Truck
SGF-owned Commercial Village

SGF Retail Village and Community Interconnectedness

A working farm is meant to be a community where all feel welcome. And there is so much to experience!

We will have:

  • A lake & recreation center for activities such as yoga, swimming, fitness coaching and more

  • Horseback riding 

  • Biking 

  • Hiking

  • Field trips

  • Day camps

  • Sporting activities

  • Concerts and festivals

Our plan also includes destination-based visitor interests in education, shopping for fresh vegetables and berries, farm-to-table dining, music, and other entertainment.


Needs of all our Neurodiverse Young Adults – our Team Members – are incorporated into the fabric of the village with appropriate housing types and living situations as well as local work options available to community members such as farming skills, money management, social skills, teamwork, accounting, order processing, and more while functioning in all aspects of a complete community atmosphere – for work and play. This approach facilitates weaving together a tapestry of our vibrant and inclusive Agrivillage.

Visitors will enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere while supporting our mission.

Liaison With the Surrounding Community

A working farm is meant to be a community where all feel welcome. Needs of the the Team Members are incorporated into the fabric of the village as well as local work options, available to community members. This approach facilitates weaving together a tapestry of a vibrant and inclusive village


So Good Farms incorporates a retail village that includes a farmers market and farm-to-table restaurant which supplies the greater community with access to high-quality, fresh food, and an opportunity to connect with where the food is grown.


Working farms also foster the health of the community and the land through sustainable land use and farming methods.

Team Member Social Interaction

So Good Farms will create a living and working environment that provides both space and a place for people to become the best versions of themselves – Team Members (NYA – Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome, ADHD) and staff alike. This gives everyone room to not only build skills, but also build character and a sense of self-worth.


We encourage and inspire Team Members to be their best. To achieve that goal, we support them by providing occupational and behavioral therapists. These therapists work locally as professionals and we have designed a program to allow students enrolled in regional secondary education programs to assist our therapists. Benefits for our NYA include structure and predictability, translating abstract social concepts into concrete actions, and a myriad of opportunities to practice learned skills.


These relationships form trusted bonds so that NYA can experience success in all social interactions between each other, our staff, the staff-managed interaction with the public who visit our properties, and even our animals through our animal husbandry programs. These strong bonds all help Team Members live vibrant, healthy lives.

NDYA Social Interaction
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